Can I purchase recreational marijuana in Placer County?

Can I purchase recreational marijuana in Placer County?


Even though California has been following the lead of a number of other states all over the US as far as legalizing recreational use of marijuana is concerned (or, at the very least, decriminalizing it in almost all counties throughout the state of California), there remain a number of staunch holdouts that aren’t quite as welcoming to the “Californian Green Rush” the way that the rest of California is.


Placer County is one of those holdouts.


On December 6 of 2016, the Board of Supervisors in Placer County passed the legally binding Ordinance 5851-B. This legislation modified the cannabis regulations that had been in place previous to this ordinance, explicitly (and in zero uncertain terms) eliminating and preventing all commercial cannabis activities within the unincorporated territory of Placer County itself.


Article 8.10 of the county’s Municipal Code, the part of the municipal code that regulates cannabis, also states that any individual in the county is breaking the law when engaging in any commercial or retail cannabis activity throughout the entire unincorporated region of this county.


This outlaws retail sales, the delivery of cannabis, and even the commercial growing or production of cannabis to be sold in the future as well.


Placer County and the Board of Supervisors also handed down a ban on the commercial harvesting of cannabis, as discussed by Roseville Auto Accident Lawyers. This makes it completely illegal and unlawful for any individual or organization to grow or harvest cannabis for the express purpose of selling it later down the line.


There is an exception to this last provision in the new Cannabis Regulations, however. The board will allow qualified medical patients that want to personally grow their own medicine (medicinal cannabis) the opportunity to do exactly that.


Individuals must first go through the qualifying process as passed down by their medical professional, report to Placer County that they intend to grow medicinal marijuana, and then subject themselves to regular inspections to confirm that they aren’t ever growing or cultivating any more than six cannabis plants on no more than 50 ft.² of land.


On top of that, authorized growing operations must be conducted in a screened in and portioned off area of the land if that is to be grown out of doors. There are no extra regulations placed on those that choose to grow these medicinal plants indoors.


Unsurprisingly, these decisions made by the Board of Supervisors in Placer County have already come under fire.


With the overwhelming majority of the rest of California taking full advantage of everything that new relaxed cannabis regulations bring to the table, flooding their towns and their counties with new money and investment that didn’t exist previously, incorporated cities within Placer County are pushing back against these new regulations in an effort to overturn them in the future.


At the same time, many of cities in Placer County are going along with the decisions made by the Board of Supervisors. A number of them have extended bands on commercial activities inside of their city limits, and some of these cities have even gone as far as prohibiting the creation of new dispensaries or allowing any new business licenses to be handed out to dispensaries that want to establish themselves in Placer County.