Crime in Placer County

Crime in Placer County

Placer Sheriff

 Crime in Placer County, California

Placer County is a beautiful California area that covers partial territory in both Sacramento Valley and the Sierra Nevada. As of data gathered via the 2010 census, it boasted a population of nearly 350,000 people. Placer County is also notable for being located at the heart of what was once “gold country” during the gold rush of the late 1800’s. Currently, the county is home to a variety of major companies in industries like agriculture, modern tech, railroad transportation, and mining.
However, Placer County is no different from any other area in the United States, no matter how beautiful and appealing. That said, it has its share of issues related to crime. Let’s take a closer look at crime as it relates to Placer County and examine what it means going forward.

A Closer Look at Placer County Crime Rates

Between the years 1999 and 2008, there were roughly 71,500 reported crimes of various natures that took place somewhere within the borders of Placer County. About 5,500 of those crimes were considered to have been violent crimes. (Examples include rape, murder, and assault.) This would put the average number of daily crimes in Placer County at around 20.
So where does that put us as far as where Placer County crime rates are going? Over the course of 10 years between 1998 and 2008, crime rates within county limits were found to have risen by 58%. Violent crimes in particular – most people’s largest worry – increased by 57%. The rest of the data reflects crimes classified as “property crime” (theft and the like). The county has since been looking to reduce these rates by focusing heavily on crime reduction to a much greater degree.

Placer County and Current DUI Statistics

There are also Placer County DUI rates to consider. Because of growing concern about crime rates and public safety in Placer County on the whole, law enforcement officials have been cracking down on “driving under the influence” crime in a big way, according to Placer County DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm.

Recent reports from Placer County DMV field offices indicate that the district attorney’s office in Placer County boasts one of the nation’s highest conviction rates when it comes to DUI-related offenses. We’re talking a 99.2% conviction rate in comparison to California’s statewide average of 79.4%. This makes Placer County one of only three California counties with conviction rates that reach or exceed 90%. (The other two are Shasta County and Santa Barbara County.)

Measures taken to make sure drunken drivers are caught and held accountable include but are not limited to numerous sobriety checkpoints and saturation of major roadways with Placer County law enforcement on nights that are deemed to be high risk. Holiday weekends are especially vigilant time periods for seeking out and catching drunk drivers within county limits.  If you have been injured in auto accident involving a drunk driver, contact Manteca Personal Injury Lawyer. Recent Placer County DMV reports revealed that nearly 2,300 motorists were convicted of misdemeanor charges while an additional 76 were convicted of felony charges. Yet another nearly 200 were arrested on the mere suspicion of drunk driving.

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