Life in Placer County

Life in Placer County

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Living in Placer County, California

While every place on earth comes attached to its own special brand of charm, Placer County really is one in a million. As they enjoy unparalleled natural beauty that stops you dead in its tracks combined with rich local history that’s a true joy to see and explore, Placer County residents – all 360,000 of them — would agree. “There’s no place like home.”   However, knowing that Placer County has a lot to offer those lucky enough to live there or visit there is one thing. Fully understanding the best of what the area has to offer is another, if you are injured contact Eureka Auto Accident Attorney. Let’s take a closer look at what you can really expect when it comes to living in Placer Country, California.

The History of Placer County

Placer County saw its first major influx of residents looking to call it home in 1848 when gold was discovered there. Tens of thousands of folks looking to strike it rich – either by grabbing their share of the gold or by offering goods and services to those already there – flocked to the area in droves. In fact, the very name “Placer” itself is derived from the Spanish word for sand deposits that contain gold.
Eventually, the gold mining rush gave way to other industries including timber, agriculture, and the railroad business. This only added to the appeal of an already noteworthy area, of course. Many of Placer County’s towns – including Newcastle and Loomis to name just two – originally started as mining towns and eventually became epicenters for other fantastic ways to work the land and leverage its considerable bounty.

Working in Placer County

Placer County is currently home to quite a few of California’s most stable and sought after employers. They include but are not limited to Hewlett-Packard, Union Pacific Railroad, Kaiser Permanente, and Sutter Health. Placer County’s own city of Lincoln is also home to one of the nation’s longest standing businesses, Gladding McBean, a top manufacturer of terra cotta clay.  Placer County on the whole continues to offer a variety of career opportunities in granite, farming, ranching, and fruit cultivation to boot.

Getting Around Placer County

In Placer County, there are three major airports available for general aviation purposes. They are Auburn Airport, Lincoln Regional Airport, and Truckee-Tahoe Airport. The nearest airport available for commercial purposes is Sacramento’s own Sacramento International Airport.  For localized transportation beyond standard automobile use, Placer County has a stellar public transportation system in place via Placer County Transit. The Sacramento Regional Transit also provides light rail transport for commuters to Downtown Sacramento. Some cities within the county – such as Lincoln, Roseville, and Auburn — also have their own localized transit systems. Intercity services are additionally provided via Greyhound and Amtrak.
Other Information About Placer County
Placer County is partial home to two of America’s most noteworthy protected natural areas – El Dorado National Forest in the Sierra Mountain Range and the massive Tahoe National Forest. Placer County is also notable for having hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, home to the world famous Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

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